Online shopping haul - winter

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello!! Okay, I am sorry guys I said on my last post that I will post the rest of my online shopping haul but somehow life gets in the way. Anyway I've been buying more pieces and will show you all :)

First, I got another pair of jeans from Fashion Nova. They are black canopy jeans in a size US 7.
GOSH! These have to be the best, comfiest, stretchiest, softest jeans EVER. I know I've been raving about their jeans in my previous post but they truly live up to the hype; they have the best jeans ever! If you are on a hunt for perfect jeans, give Fashion Nova a shot and I bet you won't regret it! I actually also got my bestie hooked on it.

I also got a bomber-grey and black jacket from Dresslink. The bomber jacket seems to be trendy this season and  I love the sporty vibes on this jacket.

One thing though, the sleeves are kind of itchy. I am very sensitive and  I don't like prickly feelings on my skin. But I plan to wear this on winter anyway so I can just wear long sleeves shirt underneath.

I also picked up two pair of Crocs wedges sandals from Scoopon for $50 each. They're just brown leather open toe wedges, OMG They are the comfiest wedges ever and they're very light also. I love it... No need to break them in as they are already soft and comfy. I am the kind of person who doesn't like wearing heels too much as I am not used to it but I've been wearing these a LOT and that says quite a bit about the shoes.
**Don't mind my feet right now, I am still recovering from the last flea attacks :( **

I got a few things from Aliexpress.

First is this cape / shawl / cardigan with my initial (JG) on it for $45. This is a dupe of Burberry coat that got famous since people saw it on a few celebs.

It is a bit steep in comparison to the average price on Aliexpress but it's well worth it.
It was nicely packaged, wasn't crinkled when it arrived. You know how most Chinese sellers would simply squeeze your clothes into a tiny bag just so that they can save some dosh on shipping costs?

It is a one-size-fits-all and very soft. I am not sure of the differences in quality or the colors in regards to the original since I've never had the chance to review the legitimate item from Burberry.

I am not so sure if the poncho looks flattering on me, however everybody is different and I'd definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

I can see myself pairing said poncho with some black jeans, a cute crop top and some black booties and I'd be good to go.

Next thing I got is this lace up bodysuit in grey in a size Medium. The material is rather thin and it doesn't have detachable clips at the bottom so it's kinda hard when you use the toilet. Also, you need to wear some gel bras with this top. Apart from that I quite like this top. In this picture (below), I styled it with my high-waisted jeans from Fashion Nova and a pair of tan wedges I got from Scoopon.

Lastly I got two pairs of gel pastie bras which I absolutely LOVE!!!

It is such a wonderful thing to keep your 'girls' covered when you want to wear something a lil' risque... ;p
** I wear these pasties underneath this bodysuit and as you can see here my nips are well covered **

You can also get these from your local store or Priceline but they are just more expensive. Like, I got a pair for $2 inc. postage and they're such a good quality. Once it doesn't stick anymore I just chuck them and get the new pairs, or you can actually clean them with just warm soapy water.

So that's it for this haul, next up I will have an Australian haul so stay tuned :)