GownTown Review

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey friends,
I had my graduation a couple of weeks ago and so now I want to do a review of 'Gowntown'.

GownTown is a one-stop-shop for all your graduation garb needs. They provide gowns, frames and photography services for affordable prices.

I bought the whole set which comes with the gown, the cap and the hood for $99. To rent the whole set from Sydney Uni website will set you back around $150! On top of that, you can only have them for only a few hours! This can be difficult when you plans to have your photos taken after the graduation ceremony.

The shopping process itself is very straight-forward; you choose your university and your degree. They already have a clear idea of what hood colour you'll need but you can always check your universities website if you're unsure.

The sizing is made simple. You pick your gown according to your height. I am 160 cm tall and according to the website I am wearing a size Small, but unfortunately it was a bit too long and baggy for my liking.  GownTown let me exchange the gown for a size smaller with the condition that I cover my own shipping cost which I agreed to and was happy to proceed with.

In terms of quality, I can assure you that the GownTown's one is as good as the official one from Sydney Uni. The material of the gown is thick and feels very well made. The hood itself is sewn nicely, the colour is very vibrant and 100% matches the original and the cap is also well made!

I also decided to get one of the frames that they offer since they give you discount if you order a gown and a frame at the same time. I picked the one with beige colour and it looks like this.

As I was going through their website I also went to their photography section and evaluated their gallery. I was very amazed at those photos that I decided to book a 30 minutes session myself. Here are their photography packages, I only went with their Economy package since I felt that 30 shots would be enough for me.

I must admit this one is more like an impulse buy but, OH BOY, I was glad that I did it.

My photographer of the day was Filip Drazovic, currently still studying at USYD. The night before my graduation, he texted me to confirm about the session and suggested some ideas of where the photos will be taken. He also asked if I had some ideas or what kind of poses I wanted to do on the day. 

He came on time and took lots of great pictures and I am very pleased with the results! I would highly recommended to go with Filip if you want your photos taken at USYD. He is very familiar with the locations and he took amazing shots!

Here are some 'behind the scenes' photos

And here are some of my fave pics of the day

Overall, I am very impressed with Gowntown and I am happy with their products and services. 

Thank you Filip and Gowntown for making my graduation day unforgettable and for this I grant you 9 Jenniepiggies out of 10!!