Love Fashion Nova Jeans!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Although it's still so hot and humid, Autumn is finally here in Sydney and it's time to stock up for some Autumn / Winter clothing!

I finally got my packages from Fashion Nova today after disgruntledly waiting for almost one month!!! I can't be more excited to try my jeans!

Fashion Nova is a US based online clothing store and has been raved about by many people on Youtube and various social medias about their jeans. So I can't help my curiosity but to order a couple of pairs for me to test!

So I placed the order on the 14th of Feb and I received my parcel on the 4th of March, a long wait considering they promise it to be delivered within 10 days?? But maybe it's the Australian customs who held the packages, who knows?

Anyway, let's get started...

First jeans I got is these Beach-Bum Denim Jeans in a light wash, it is super distressed and I got it in a size US 7 (I normally wear size 27 - 28 in jeans). When I first opened my package I was worried because it looked so tiny! I wonder how will this ever fit!? But then I tried it on and it fits me perfectly. I've never had distressed jeans that are so distressed like this one but I love the rips and the big cut around the knees, I think it is super funky! :D The material is very soft and unbelievably stretchy for a denim!

It also has four real pockets!!!

The second pair of jeans I picked up is this super High Waisted Skinnies-White in a size US 7. Again these jeans have 4 real pockets and they are super high waisted, I'd say higher than the denim one! It is a tiny bit see through but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I mean what can you expect from white jeans, it is pretty hard to find white jeans that fit you well and make you look thin. You know how sometimes lighter jeans can make you look a bit thicker than usual? haha well it's just my opinion.

Anyway the material itself is incredibly light and soft, way softer than the first one and a lot stretchier. I swear they are by far the comfiest jeans I own.

Now I can confirm that all the hype about Fashion Nova jeans is correct!!! haha... I love their jeans so much and I will be ordering more.

I also picked this white skirt as it was on their sale page, I got it in a size Medium. They sold out on this one so I can't link you to it. This is just a basic pencil skirt with a slit on the back which I can dress it up or down however I like. Unfortunately it is a bit see through, you have to wear a nude undergarment when wearing this but I love the material and how stretchy it is!

Talking about bottoms, I also got a pair of sweater pants from H & M. I am not really sure what to call this but it is a soft jersey material which is perfect for cooler weather. I got it in a size small and it is loose fitting which I like. It is something I plan to wear when I just want to run to the shops at night or to just hanging around at home.

Moving on to Aliexpress; the first item I got is a pair of high-waisted denim jeans in a size Large. The shipping took 2 weeks. The tag says 'American Apparel' LOL Of course it's a dupe one! haha

They're just regular jeans with two pockets at the back. The material is stretchy and soft but I am not liking the fit on my body..... Eh.. but whatever I can't really complain especially for the price I paid, these jeans are pretty good.

The next one has gotta be my favourite piece, a black bodycon dress with criss-cross detailing at the front. The material is thin but not see-through since I got it in black, the inside is made of fleece which is very warm and soft. It is very well made for $12 dresses LOL.... It is very stretchy and I got it in a size Small. I love the criss cross detailing which seems to be the trend this season!

Anyway it is getting pretty late now and I need to watch a new episode of Suits so I will have to continue this haul on my next post. Stay tuned! ;D

Have a lovely weekend everyone!