What I pack for a 10-day cruise to tropical islands!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey all, I just came back from a 10-day South Pacific cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu!

When I first started packing I was a bit confused as to what to bring as I didn't want to overpack and ended up bringing too much stuff that I don't need especially since I only have limited space inside the cabin on-board (I inserted the pics of my cabin room and you can see it doesn't have much room for big suitcase!)

Anyway here is what I pack for my 10 days cruise:

- 3 bikinis
- 1 long jeans
- 2 beach shorts
- 1 jumpsuit
- 2 casual dresses
- 2 shorts
- 2 co-ordinates pieces for formal nights
- 2x two-piece-sets 
- 2 PJ sets
- 6 dressy tops
- 3 casual tops
- 1 pair of sneakers
- 1 pair of thongs
- 1 pair of strappy summer sandals
- 1 sling bag
- disposable undies, I got it from eBay for cheap! I love disposable underwear, it can save you some space later on for souvenirs :D
- essential toiletries
- phone chargers
- 6 pack of my favourite soft-drinks. You can bring up to 6 packs soft drinks per passenger on board! How cool is that. But be mindful, your room fridge is super tiny!

and I managed to squeeze them inside a small carry-on wheelie bag... The trick is to roll them ;p

I also brought my small backpack to carry the necessities such as: 
- passport, wallet, cruise boarding ticket
- disposable underwater camera
- one pair of bikinis 
- wet and dry tissues! 
- walkie talkie 
- cash, I brought small notes ($5 and $10) and coins; as recommended by some cruise critics online, however, I realised that you can actually change notes on board for free.

What you don't need to bring to the cruise:
- Travel adapter; Your stateroom is already equipped with Australia power plug.
- Power board. I've seen many people try to bring this on-board but failed miserably. Customs cease it before you board. You can actually ask your stateroom steward to bring you one to use for free.
- Towel, beach towels. There are plenty of towels and beach towels for rental on board for free. Every morning your room will be refreshed with plenty of these.

Things that are expensive on boards so you better be ready:
- ATM Fees are $6, so if you can bring cash with you! You can also top up your sail card with cash. Also, if you plan to go to Casino, bringing cash will be better since they will charge additional fees if you use your card. You can keep your cash safely inside the safe in your room. 
- BOOZE. This is a given right? What my bf did is sneaking liquor in a rum runner flask! He successfully took almost 2 litres of liquor without them noticing! He put it inside his shoes in his suitcase.

Now the fun part is the perks that comes with your cruise ticket price:
- FOOD. On Carnival cruise, there is heaps of variety; free buffet on LIDO (Deck 9), Guy's Burger Joint (this one is my fave!), a taco shop, ice cream machine, Pizza bar (24 hrs). There are also a few restaurants and cafes in which you have to pay such as Bonzai Sushi, Nouveau Restaurant, Cafe.
I went to Nouveau restaurant once and MAMMAMIA they served the best Fillet Mignon I've ever had in my life! It was cooked to perfection. Here is my separate post of my review about Nouveau Restaurant.
- Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Tap water is free. Every morning they will have some juices for free. You can also find iced tea and lemonade for free. They also provide coffee machines where you can make your own coffess and hot chocolates; however, if you prefer barista-made coffee you can pay as little as $3.