Collective Spring Haul Part 2 - Aliexpress, Myer, Boohoo

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey all,

I am here again with another haul.. This is the second part of my collective spring haul. You can see the first part here.

I recently got a few things from Aliexpress.

The first one is this elephant two-piece set in blue for U$6.48 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I got it in a size Large and it fits me perfectly. The top is a cropped halter neck with tassels detailing at the bottom. It also comes with a long strap to tight around your back. The short has elephant print on it that I think so ADORBS! I am not 100% sure about the materials, it said 'cotton blend' on the website. Nevertheless, it is not see through at all and quite well made. I get many compliments from wearing it!

The next item I got is a Triangl dupe swimwear for U$14.48.

I am really happy with the seller's handling of the bikini. The bikini is wrapped nicely inside a plastic bag so it doesn't crumple during the shipping!

I got the top in Medium and the bottom in Large. They fit nicely on me. I am glad I got a bigger size with the bottom since I have quite wide hips and I don't want my bottom to create some kind of love handles when I wear them.

The bra also comes with good padding so it will enhance your bust :D Make it POP! 
I feel like those pattern looks like cats eyes with mascara! HA HA

The material is very much like wet-suite material. It feels very high quality :p
A great bargain for a good piece of swimwear considering the original Triangl piece would set me back around $97!  LOL #Winning

I also picked one white knit for U$7.18. I didn't realise how cropped this vest is because the picture shown on the website looks a bit longer, but that's the thing when shopping online - you have to read the descriptions and sizing... 

But overall it is a cute top, it has a deep V neck cut. The fabric is quite thick so it can be worn in winter and layer it up or it can be paired with jeans for summer. 

It has a small V cut on the side at the bottom.

The last item I got from Aliexpress is this white dress for U$5.58 and it is my least favorite item of the haul. The picture and the actual dress looks totally different, the shipping took 3 LONG MONTHS and when I finally got it, it was very disappointing. It was so wrinkly and doesn't look like the picture shown on the website.

And this is what I got........ 

*Please excuse my crinkly dress, couldn't be bothered to iron this one T.T*

As spring is finally here, I want to get a thin cardigan to layer up with when the weather gets cold. So I picked up a grey cardigan from Myer for AUD$30. They only had size 8 and 12 left and I decided to get the bigger one as I want my cardigan to be a bit baggy and I am glad I did! I have broad shoulders and some cardigans don't look good on me but Thank God this cardigan fits me perfectly. I love how soft this cardigan is. I think this would be a great piece in my wardrobe and since the colour is neutral, it would be easy to be paired around with other outfits in my closet.

I also got a batwing cardigan from Boohoo in stone colour for AUD $24 in size S/M. I am not sure about the 'stone' colour, I don't think it suits my complexion >.<

I love how it fits though, it is a bit loose and very flowy. You can just throw this to any outfit and it would look good :) The 3/4 sleeve makes it perfect for summer, also the fabric itself is very thin but will keep you warm enough for those windy summer nights!

I might exchange this with another colour. I am just not feeling this colour.

Thanks for reading my post and I will see you next time :)