Collective Spring Haul Part 2 - Aliexpress, Myer, Boohoo

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey all,

I am here again with another haul.. This is the second part of my collective spring haul. You can see the first part here.

I recently got a few things from Aliexpress.

The first one is this elephant two-piece set in blue for U$6.48 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I got it in a size Large and it fits me perfectly. The top is a cropped halter neck with tassels detailing at the bottom. It also comes with a long strap to tight around your back. The short has elephant print on it that I think so ADORBS! I am not 100% sure about the materials, it said 'cotton blend' on the website. Nevertheless, it is not see through at all and quite well made. I get many compliments from wearing it!

The next item I got is a Triangl dupe swimwear for U$14.48.

I am really happy with the seller's handling of the bikini. The bikini is wrapped nicely inside a plastic bag so it doesn't crumple during the shipping!

I got the top in Medium and the bottom in Large. They fit nicely on me. I am glad I got a bigger size with the bottom since I have quite wide hips and I don't want my bottom to create some kind of love handles when I wear them.

The bra also comes with good padding so it will enhance your bust :D Make it POP! 
I feel like those pattern looks like cats eyes with mascara! HA HA

The material is very much like wet-suite material. It feels very high quality :p
A great bargain for a good piece of swimwear considering the original Triangl piece would set me back around $97!  LOL #Winning

I also picked one white knit for U$7.18. I didn't realise how cropped this vest is because the picture shown on the website looks a bit longer, but that's the thing when shopping online - you have to read the descriptions and sizing... 

But overall it is a cute top, it has a deep V neck cut. The fabric is quite thick so it can be worn in winter and layer it up or it can be paired with jeans for summer. 

It has a small V cut on the side at the bottom.

The last item I got from Aliexpress is this white dress for U$5.58 and it is my least favorite item of the haul. The picture and the actual dress looks totally different, the shipping took 3 LONG MONTHS and when I finally got it, it was very disappointing. It was so wrinkly and doesn't look like the picture shown on the website.

And this is what I got........ 

*Please excuse my crinkly dress, couldn't be bothered to iron this one T.T*

As spring is finally here, I want to get a thin cardigan to layer up with when the weather gets cold. So I picked up a grey cardigan from Myer for AUD$30. They only had size 8 and 12 left and I decided to get the bigger one as I want my cardigan to be a bit baggy and I am glad I did! I have broad shoulders and some cardigans don't look good on me but Thank God this cardigan fits me perfectly. I love how soft this cardigan is. I think this would be a great piece in my wardrobe and since the colour is neutral, it would be easy to be paired around with other outfits in my closet.

I also got a batwing cardigan from Boohoo in stone colour for AUD $24 in size S/M. I am not sure about the 'stone' colour, I don't think it suits my complexion >.<

I love how it fits though, it is a bit loose and very flowy. You can just throw this to any outfit and it would look good :) The 3/4 sleeve makes it perfect for summer, also the fabric itself is very thin but will keep you warm enough for those windy summer nights!

I might exchange this with another colour. I am just not feeling this colour.

Thanks for reading my post and I will see you next time :)

Promshop Online Shop - Sponsored Post

Friday, September 18, 2015

If you are happen to be looking for an affordable stunning dress for your special occasions, be it for wedding, prom, graduation, engagement or any other events, or you just want to look around, there is one website worth looking at. It is called PROMSHOP.

Unlike the typical online shops from China, this website actually sell high-quality dresses for an extremely good price. They are specialised in dresses design and manufacturing, every piece of their dresses and accessories are made to order. So if there is one thing you should not worry about is their quality.

When I first visited their website it almost felt like a shopping heaven as they have so many selections for every occasions that you can think of.

You could get a wedding dress for as low as $173.03. Not only that, they have a wide range of size selections from 2 – 26. If you are not happy with their stock size and want to be more precise you could get a custom size for just a little bit extra, around $9.99!

As for the delivery time, you have to count the tailored time in, which is between 9-12 days. This is because every dress will be hand-crafted individually as per order. And the shipping time usually only takes 3-7 days.

And last but not least, if you're ever not satisfied with your dresses, Promshop have an easy return system as long as you contact the customer service within 14 days of receiving your order.

Now, I am gonna show you a few favorites of mine :)

Princess sheath dress 

I love the high neck line which shows off your sexy shoulder and clavicles. The little side-slit cut-out in the midriff is a slice of sexy with 100% class. It is perfect to be worn on those cocktail parties in summer. I love the Aztec theme on the dress with its beautiful beading with soft emerald green. I usually don't like to wear green because somehow it doesn't suit my dark skin but I reckon this dress would look good on me ;) or anyone with any skin tones.

I love this classic blue dress, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, Wizard of Oz era. Such a risque vintage dress! I speficially love this navy blue and I would just pair it with a pearl necklace, black clutch and black heels :) I think this dress would look good on almost anyone with all kind of body shapes.

Haute sweetheart long dress

My last favourite is this UH-MAZING blue gown. Look at all the details, I love the mesh details with floral around the arms and at the bottom. It's such a beautiful and elegant dress perfect when you want to be 'all-out'. Look at it, it's ridiculous, it's $450 and you should know why. 

Holy shit! The model is very skinny in my opinion. A real woman would fill it out a lot better than Ms. Twig over here so be adventurous, I implore you!

Have a good shopping experience girls!  

Collective Spring Haul Part. 1 - Dresslink and Pulpshoes

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dresslink has yet again impressed me with their items and services. I don't know if I am just lucky? Because I know some people who have bad experiences from shopping with them.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, you need to be extra smart when you shop at a Chinese website. You HAVE to read reviews and see real photos posted by the customers and then decide whether it looks good and worth it. This tip always works for me and my success rate is around 80%. Only 2 out of the 10 items I got from Dresslink look really bad LOL... But then again I am willing to take the risk since it is very inexpensive, I usually just give it to charity if I don't like it.

I recently bought a few items from them and it got shipped really quickly! I think it was less than 2 weeks and I live in Sydney.

Before I start, you may notice the price differences between the ones I listed below and the ones on the website. This is because Dresslink keeps changing their pricing! Some days they would have a special for x item and the next day they won't. It really varies so I am just gonna list the price at the time of purchase. Hope this makes sense :)

Let's get started....

The first item that I got is this elephant two-piece set  (U$7.84). It has a halter neck crop top that comes with a long strap to tie around the back. The shorts are very flowy and it almost looks like a skirt. The material is great, even though I am not quite sure what is it, but it is quite thick and not see-through at all. The print is also very good, I don't see any smudging.

I got it in 'large' thinking that the size might run a bit smaller, but I was wrong with this one. The sizing is pretty true so I would suggest you to order your usual size if you plan to get one. Nevertheless, I still love the set, the elephant print is just so adorable!!!

Since I am in love with the elephant print, I also got an elephant dress in white (U$8.16). It has the same print and fabric as my two-piece set. I read reviews saying that it runs a bit bigger so I got it in Medium and it fits me well. I am 160cm tall and this dress runs a bit long for me but it's not a big issue.

I think this dress would look great for summer, when you go to the beach or are just lounging around. I just CAN NOT wait to wear this.

Next thing I got is this floral jumpsuit  (U$6.59). It has the same style as my black jumpsuit which I purchased earlier from Dresslink, you can see the post here. This jumpsuit comes in a form of a short with two very long straps that can be tied around however you like.  Like other reviewers said, this jumpsuit is very well-made and I love how soft and silky the material is. I got it in a size Large and it fits me great.

Next is this beige bag (U$7.90) that I purchased without much expectations but I ended up liking it. They put paper inside the bag to keep its shape while on transit and I appreciate that since I got the bag in a good condition. I am really happy with the material. It is well made and has a sleeve inside the bag. Overall, it's just a nice going-out bag. I am planning to get another colour.

I also got pineapple-shorts (U$3.72), it was on special. I got it in a size Large and it fits just alright. It's a bit tight around my waist, so I'd say choose one size up if you want to get this.  It is also a bit see-through but it's not too bad, I can just wear a slip underneath.

Last time when I was in US, I bought this pair of Keds and I love how comfortable it is.

Since I got back I've been on the hunt for a cheap pair of Keds! I know there are heaps of places online where I could get them but the shipping cost from US to Australia would be greater than the cost of the shoes!! No No...

That's why I was so happy when I finally found a New Zealand based website called Pulpshoes that sells them and also offer free shipping to Australia, double win! :) They also have a promotion going on "2nd pair half price." On top of that, as a first time customer, I also got 20% off my purchase. #winning :D

So I got myself 2 pairs of Keds from their Taylor Swift range for just $90. YAAAAY

I love love them so much!

This is the first one, a white keds with nautical print. It also comes with a spare white laces.
I am planning to wear it when I go on a cruise.

The next one is the pink one with cherry blossoms print. It also comes with an extra pair of shoe laces.  I love the print, perfect for spring and summer.

So, that's it for the first part, please stay tuned for the next part ;p


David's Kitchen Malaysian Restaurant Review

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I recently had the chance to visit David's kitchen new branch in Liverpool road, close to World Square. I love how spacious the dining area is, unlike the one in the food court.

I got seated very quickly since it was empty on Sunday. We order the food by writing the number of the menu on a piece of sheet provided on each table.

This is what the menu looks like.

I ordered number 7. Chicken laksa while my boyfie got number 29. BBQ Pork wonton noodle soup. 

29. BBQ pork wonton noodle soup ($12.80)

The wonton contains a satisfying tang, not too sweet salty or sour that I expected but perfect for the occasion. The dough tasted sappy and substantial in conjunction with a strong flavour from the soup. The bbq pork was adequately cooked and well-seasoned. The noodle was well-cooked, not too firm just how I like it.

7. Chicken Laksa ($10)

This laksa has to be the best laksa I've ever had! It was so tasty and flavoursome! The soup was very thick and creamy without being too heavy. You could taste a lot of flavours in every bite, be it from the coconut milk or the oil and butter. It comes with lots of well-seasoned shredded chicken and tofu. Overall this laksa is very filling, enjoyable and delectable. I have no better words to describe it. You have to try it for yourself. 

And as you can see, my boyfriend couldn't help but to finish the whole soup!!

I am really happy with my visit and I would definitely give 10 jennypiggies out of 10!!! It is flawless!

David's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato