The Meat and Wine Co. Restaurant Review

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Hi guys, today's post is written in collaboration with my boyfriend, Stefane. He may not be the attractive, half-French, half-Dutch, Arian man-god he thinks he is, but he damn-well knows what he wants!"

We went to the Meat and Wine Co. last week for celebrating my 25th birthday. We made a reservation at 8 pm and we got there on time. We got seated upstairs near the kitchen and we could actually see what happened behind the scenes.

I picked the New Yorker Steak ($34) from their Monte Grain selection (grain fed 120 days) with mushroom sauce ($4) while Stef got the Fillet Steak ($35)  from the same selection with African Hot Chili sauce ($4). 

As for the beverages, I ordered an 'Apple of my eye' mocktail (freshly brewed apple tea mixed with ground cinammon and fresh apple) for $10. It was truly refreshing and I could taste strong cinnamon flavour in it with a little bit of tanginess that comes from the apple tea.

My steak was perfectly cooked, medium-rare, just how I ordered it. The mushroom sauce was sweet, light and very tasty! Yum! The chips were crispy and just how chips should be!

Moving on to Stef,

Firstly, as per my culinary behaviour, I will start with, let-alone focus the entire post on, a beer. I stuck to one beer this particular night as it turned out to be a significant culmination, fields above all the other options, of three distinct qualities, it was 'Castle Lager', of South Africa and following are my 'favourite factors':

Strength - 5%, standard for any brew, that's my opinion. Beer isn't about flavour, it's about brewing several various products to contain as much alcohol as possible without ruining said 'irrelevant-flavour'. Had three, was happy with the buzz, 'nough said.

Taste - Hosting a gentle effervescence, a piney, Asian tang with what seemed to be a slight lean on the flavour table toward an Aussie influence, being not widely dissimilar to 'Crown Lager'. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

Cost - Cost price means nothing, a 'VB' in Darling Harbour will set you back 3-4 dollars more than the same dingo-piss at 'The Dog House' (RIP), Glebe. I paid $8.50 and am not shocked to have done so. If you could possibly envisage a 'Meat & Co. vs. Dog House' 'venue face-off' you'd also be able to see that paying $4 extra for a; not having to witness 'schooners hurled' (in more ways than one!), b; being spoken to, and treated like, Richard Branson in a Bangkok massage parlour, I mean, sure, I was wearing, like, $2k but I had to plan that shit! I acted like an ass while Jenny was wearing a million bucks, all in the eyes ;). Finally, c; as in 'see' it for yourself because I can't explain away the lingering tingles I experience bruxismly, chewing on meat that 'aint there. I shall return.

So, apparently there's this law that you have to order some kind of "meal" if you want to "drink alcohol" at the venue and here's me with a murdered appetite (incidentally), having been administered (legitimately) a pretty intense appetite-suppressing medication, so here we go, the seemingly eternal struggle between hunger & confusion.

After what seemed like hours of curious, twitchy perusal of the distinctly not-sticky menu, I decided upon the moo cow fillet accompanied by 'African Hot Chilli' and having the choice between chips and salad as a side, I decided to not be a pussy. Oh and, uh, medium rare! "Are you hungry?", JG asks me, and I still don't know if I lied when I said... "Yeah, sure"...

With one swift sniff, my appetite axed down my olfactory's front door, kicked me in the balls and walked away setting my pot-plants on fire. Back with a VENGEANCE. I was exhilarated before I'd even begun hacking at the still steaming perfectly-gleaming flesh...

Well damn, I've spent BIG $ on chow in the past, with little expectation and large dreams, like, "sir, what if I paid you thrice your charge for an exceptional product and then have you present it to me as though you were handing me your very daughter in marriage?" and the guy just says... "Yeah man, BOOM!"

There it was, 200g of perfectly-filleted, bovine ape-feed. I salivated, I came, I said "shit" really  loudly a few times as I was chewing up obnoxious portion of delicious, cute, dead animal flesh (in that order...) The AfroChilli (?) hits hard but relents quickly and is DELICIOUS, it's what spicy sauces should be, challenging yet tolerable, perfect level of spice no matter the morsel size I applied to the steak. As for the steak itself, in one word - 'PERFECT', and also worked uncannily well around the 'Sewth Efrikan' brew. Just simply the best meat I've had in my life.

Taste, Atmosphere/Interior + Service (the holy trinity of culinary value) I gave a strict 8.9 on the night. I have high-standards with food so chuck a point on for padding if you like, seriously, for $124 inc. 10% tip and a something better than special, it's worth it.

- Peace

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