Summer/Spring Haul and Review from Aliexpress and Sammydress - Part 2

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hi everyone! So this post is the second part of my summer/spring haul. If you are interested to see my original post, where I reviewed a few items that I got from Dresslink you can click here

This time I got a few items from a website called Aliexpress. This website is like eBay but cheaper, they have a wide range of categories including fashion items. They have countless stores that sell the same thing for different prices so you can always search around for the best deal. Another thing I like from there is that most of the items will have free shipping! Instead of PayPal, they have Alipay which is essentially the same but belongs to Aliexpress. Alipay is quite annoying but it works the same way as PayPal so you can rest assured that it is safe to use and also has buyer protection, which means if you are not satisfied with your purchases, or don't get your items, Alipay will issue you a refund. 

I got a few items from Aliexpress from different sellers but unfortunately I can't find some of the items anymore because it is no longer available! Sorry :( 

First up is this red, stretchy flare skirt for $11 incl shipping it only comes in one size and I reckon it would fit up to Aus Size 10. This skirt is knitted, made with a stretchy fabric and I am really impressed with its quality. In fact, I just ordered another one in black :) YAY!
I can pair this with stockings and a sweater for winter or pair it up with a crop-top in warmer weather. 

Next is this grey crop sweater that I got for U$11.37 and it also only come in one size. Okay, it doesn't look like a crop top because I was wearing a high-waisted shorts there lol... I hate scratchy sweaters but this one is very soft and thick without being itchy on my skin :) I am really happy. When I first got it, the sweater was kinda smelly and I had to wash it first to get rid of the smell but apart from that everything is sweet!

I also got this pink crop-top that I got for U$4.72 including shipping. I love this one, it is quite simple but made with a good thick stretchy material. It isn't see through at all. I just love it! It comes in other colours too if you are interested. The shipping took around 7 days which is not bad at all. I highly recommend this top.

I also got a red kimono  for $10.79 incl. shipping. I ordered size M and it is waaaaaaay too big for a Medium size although it kinda look like the picture shown. I am not that impressed with this one.

I've been seeing lots of YouTubers wearing a cat-ear headband and I found it on Aliexpress for $2 incl the shipping. It is just SO... CUTE! Can't handle it :p

Overall, I would give Aliexpress 7 Jennypiggies out of 10 :)

The next website I visited is called Sammydress and I used to love them, but not so much anymore since I found cheaper online shopping websites.

I got this black dress for U$11.99 including shipping. It only comes in one size and it is too tight around the bust :( I might have to alter it somehow because I really love the pattern. The quality of this dress is AMAZING though, so if you have a small frame I would definitely recommend this!

The last one I got is this floral top for U$10.46 and it comes in one size. I am a bit disappointed with this one because it doesn't look like it does inthe picture. But whatever, I kinda expected this.

I would give Sammydress 6 Jennypiggies out of 10.