Last visit to Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Friday, June 5, 2015

If you are familiar with the ‘Devon Café’ in Surry Hills, you must know about its twin brother in Waterloo called ‘Devon on Danks’. 

This branch is more spacious than the one in Surry Hills, it wasn't as busy but maybe that was because I visited on a Wednesday, lol, but I honestly like this branch better.
I've been told that the chef who works here used to work in the original ‘Devon Café’ so don't be surprised when you find a few similarities in their menus. 

On my last visit, I ordered "Dr Seuss's Green Egg and Ham" 

Thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degrees egg, green tomato, ketchup, pea puree, soybeans, pea tendrils and jus. Gosh! What a mouthful! 

This is what it looks like

Where do I start? The ham was really crispy and tasty, the egg was done perfectly! The hash brown was nice and crispy on the outside. The green sauce looked a bit weird for me but to my surprise it worked really well together. Each component complements each other.  

To finish our meal, we tried their sesame seed and red bean cronut. Not a big fan. I am not sure whether it is the sesame flakes or the red bean inside that puts me off. I will try different flavors on my next visit. 

I would give 'Devon on Danks' 7 Jennypiggies out of 10.

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