Beautiful floral skirt from Morca Shop

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A really good friend of mine is a talented designer and entrepreneur. She has an online shop called Morca that sell lots of adorable shorts and skirts with cute patterns!

I am a sucker for floral designs and this particular skirt from Morca caught my attention. It screams for summer and spring. The material is very thick and was made beautifully. It has an elastic band around the waist so that it can be worn by anyone despite their size and shape. I am 160 cm and the length of this skirt is perfect, just how I like it, a little bit above my knees. Having said that, this skirt can be worn either high waisted or a normal one.

In today's post I want to share a few ideas of how I am gonna pair the skirt for summer and winter outfits.

This skirt is GREAT for summer! You can make this a high-waisted skirt and pair it with a crop top.

Another option would be pairing it with a tucked-in top for more formal look. 

Since the skirt is quite thick, I can also wear this skirt in winter comfortably. I am gonna pair this with a turtle neck sweater that is in fashion at the moment, a legging and a bootie to complete my winter look. 

So, don't forget to check Morca for their current collection.

Lastly, here is my selfie wearing Morca's skirt

Last visit to Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Friday, June 5, 2015

If you are familiar with the ‘Devon Café’ in Surry Hills, you must know about its twin brother in Waterloo called ‘Devon on Danks’. 

This branch is more spacious than the one in Surry Hills, it wasn't as busy but maybe that was because I visited on a Wednesday, lol, but I honestly like this branch better.
I've been told that the chef who works here used to work in the original ‘Devon Café’ so don't be surprised when you find a few similarities in their menus. 

On my last visit, I ordered "Dr Seuss's Green Egg and Ham" 

Thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degrees egg, green tomato, ketchup, pea puree, soybeans, pea tendrils and jus. Gosh! What a mouthful! 

This is what it looks like

Where do I start? The ham was really crispy and tasty, the egg was done perfectly! The hash brown was nice and crispy on the outside. The green sauce looked a bit weird for me but to my surprise it worked really well together. Each component complements each other.  

To finish our meal, we tried their sesame seed and red bean cronut. Not a big fan. I am not sure whether it is the sesame flakes or the red bean inside that puts me off. I will try different flavors on my next visit. 

I would give 'Devon on Danks' 7 Jennypiggies out of 10.

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$10 Lunch at Sugarcane in Surry Hills

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hello guys, I will keep it short and simple this time. I promise ;)

I've been wanting to do a review of Sugarcane but uni has been keeping me busy lately, phew :[

Anyway, this place is a must visit! Thanks Susan for introducing me to this place.

It is located in Surry Hills,  only a few minutes away from Central station. They open for lunch until around 3 pm.

We visited Sugarcane back in May for lunch. We ordered their lunch special which is only for $10. We both got a crispy chicken with blood plum sauce with rice as it was recommended by Susan.
OH MY GOD It was out of this world!! The crispy skin on the chicken was really great, it almost felt like eating crackling pork skin. The portion was generous! I don't have anything bad to say at all and that is very unusual. haha...

PS: By the way you have to ask for their lunch special because they usually only show you their regular menu. 

If you happen to be in that area, definitely stop by and give it a go and I promise you won't be disappointed.

I will take +Stefane next time to try their dinner menu :)

I am giving Sugarcane 10 Jennypiggies out of 10!

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Summer/Spring Haul and Review from Aliexpress and Sammydress - Part 2

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hi everyone! So this post is the second part of my summer/spring haul. If you are interested to see my original post, where I reviewed a few items that I got from Dresslink you can click here

This time I got a few items from a website called Aliexpress. This website is like eBay but cheaper, they have a wide range of categories including fashion items. They have countless stores that sell the same thing for different prices so you can always search around for the best deal. Another thing I like from there is that most of the items will have free shipping! Instead of PayPal, they have Alipay which is essentially the same but belongs to Aliexpress. Alipay is quite annoying but it works the same way as PayPal so you can rest assured that it is safe to use and also has buyer protection, which means if you are not satisfied with your purchases, or don't get your items, Alipay will issue you a refund. 

I got a few items from Aliexpress from different sellers but unfortunately I can't find some of the items anymore because it is no longer available! Sorry :( 

First up is this red, stretchy flare skirt for $11 incl shipping it only comes in one size and I reckon it would fit up to Aus Size 10. This skirt is knitted, made with a stretchy fabric and I am really impressed with its quality. In fact, I just ordered another one in black :) YAY!
I can pair this with stockings and a sweater for winter or pair it up with a crop-top in warmer weather. 

Next is this grey crop sweater that I got for U$11.37 and it also only come in one size. Okay, it doesn't look like a crop top because I was wearing a high-waisted shorts there lol... I hate scratchy sweaters but this one is very soft and thick without being itchy on my skin :) I am really happy. When I first got it, the sweater was kinda smelly and I had to wash it first to get rid of the smell but apart from that everything is sweet!

I also got this pink crop-top that I got for U$4.72 including shipping. I love this one, it is quite simple but made with a good thick stretchy material. It isn't see through at all. I just love it! It comes in other colours too if you are interested. The shipping took around 7 days which is not bad at all. I highly recommend this top.

I also got a red kimono  for $10.79 incl. shipping. I ordered size M and it is waaaaaaay too big for a Medium size although it kinda look like the picture shown. I am not that impressed with this one.

I've been seeing lots of YouTubers wearing a cat-ear headband and I found it on Aliexpress for $2 incl the shipping. It is just SO... CUTE! Can't handle it :p

Overall, I would give Aliexpress 7 Jennypiggies out of 10 :)

The next website I visited is called Sammydress and I used to love them, but not so much anymore since I found cheaper online shopping websites.

I got this black dress for U$11.99 including shipping. It only comes in one size and it is too tight around the bust :( I might have to alter it somehow because I really love the pattern. The quality of this dress is AMAZING though, so if you have a small frame I would definitely recommend this!

The last one I got is this floral top for U$10.46 and it comes in one size. I am a bit disappointed with this one because it doesn't look like it does inthe picture. But whatever, I kinda expected this.

I would give Sammydress 6 Jennypiggies out of 10.

Summer / Spring Haul and Review from Dresslink - Part 1

Monday, June 1, 2015

ALOHA Lovely People :) 

I finally finished all my uni work I and get to enjoy a little break before my final exam! I want to use this opportunity to show you what I've got from a few Chinese Online Shopping Sites. 

I know some of you might be hesitant to purchase clothes from these online shops because it is always hit and miss. The sizing can be different and often the pictures they displayed on their website are just stock photos and the real items may look totally different from what you expected. Trust me I've been there! But now I've learned my lessons and shop smarter so I will teach you what to do to get the most out of these online shopping experience. 
  • Always read the reviews, don't trust the stock pictures!
  • Read the size measurement, don't just get your normal sizing coz it might not be the same. 
  • Lastly, if you order a white clothing, more often than not it will be see through. This is because generally these wholesalers can't be bothered paying extra for any lining, lol.


The first website I visited was Dresslink. It is one of the wholesaler websites from China. Their stuff is incredibly affordable but just remember you have to pay a little bit extra for the shipping. The shipping itself is not too bad, I got my items within 2 weeks and I live in Sydney. When you first created an account, they will give you $50 voucher BUT they don't let you use it all at once. They will give it in the form of cash coupons that you can use bit by bit over time when you make purchases. 

PS: I've linked everything that I got from the website so you can get them if you like. 

First item I got is this black romper in size Large for U$8.77 plus the shipping cost of $3.53. I always order one size up whenever I go shopping on Chinese websites because their sizing is always a little smaller than Westerner's sizes. And this romper came out to be a perfect fit for me. The material is very good, surprisingly, especially for the price I paid. It is made of chiffon, and they lined it really well so it isn't see-through. 
This romper is quite unique, basically you will get a short with a zip on the side and two very long straps that you can wrap around your body however you like! I am gonna get some fashion tape to stick the strap to avoid any nip-slip accidents. Overall I am liking this black romper :) Can't wait for summer to rock this outfit! ;p 

The next item I got is this high-waisted blue denim short for U$5.93 plus shipping, it kinda looks like an American Apparel dupe, LOL. I ordered a size Large because I don't want my shorts being too short so that everyone can see my butt cheeks, but it is a bit too big around the waist for me. Having said that I still like this one a lot. I can pair them with crop tops and leggings for winter-appropriate apparel (it is freezing cold in Australia at this moment).

Next up is this green kimono that I got for U$6.69 plus shipping. It is so flowy and summery, perfect for warm weather! It comes only in one size. It is made of thin chiffon and has long tassels at the bottom. I am a big sucker for floral stuff and I just had to have this. The only thing I don't like is the sewing at the bottom, it is a bit messy and not tidy but apart from that this kimono is perfect.

I also got this Hi-Lo Leopard skirt for U$5.21 including the shipping. Again, the material is very good, it is lined really well and not transparent. It is one-size-fits-all and it fits me well. I also love the length.

My boyfriend picked this white-blue floral dress for me, he said this dress is so Dutch and said his mum (who is Dutch) would love it, haha.... I got it for U$8.31 + shipping.  I LOVE this dress. The material is very nice, thick and high quality. I got the size Large for this one. Be careful though if you have a big bust this dress might not fit because it is very tight and the material is not stretchy.

The last one I got from Dresslink is my least favourite one. I only got it because I found it under the 'special offer' section for only U$0.01 forgetting the fact that I still have to pay for the shipping fee! It is an okay top but nothing special really. MEH!

So, that's it for what I got from Dresslink. Overall I am really happy with my purchase and I give 8 Jennypiggies out of 10  for its quality, price and shipping.

I will post part-2 of my haul in a separate post, realising now that this post is getting too long :)