Mane 'n Tail Shampoo Review

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello guys,

I finally got my Mane 'n Tail Horse shampoo that I ordered from i-Herb in the mail!!

I've been hearing lots of good reviews from my friends about this shampoo and conditioner and I CAN NOT WAIT to try these two... 

I want to track my progress so I'll know whether this shampoo really helps my hair to grow quicker or it is just a hype! 

Here's the pictures of my current length. I will update this post regularly and report the condition of my hair and etc... 

And for those of you who wants to order this shampoo online, I highly recommend i-Herb website. Flat-rate shipping of $5 worldwide and I got my package within one week! 
You can also use this code EFE522  to receive $10 on purchase of $40 or more or $5 if the order is less than $40. 

Wish me luck!  ;p