♥♥ Anniversary Dinner Date with Stefane ๐Ÿ’‘ ♥♥

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yesterday, me and Stefan (my BAE lol) were celebrating our one year anniversary at Teras Bali, an Indonesian Restaurant in Walsh Bay, Sydney.

My outfit of the day: White top - Forever 21, Skirt - Esprit, Shoes - Asos.

It wasn't busy when we got there around 6.30 on Saturday night. To begin our meal they served us some water and complimentary crackers with soy sauce.

Es Cendol ($7.5) - Ice blended coconut pandan pearls, jackfruit and palm sugar topped with basil seeds. Okay I am not a big fan of Cendol but somehow my bf likes it haha. It was his first time having Cendol but he absolutely loves this. He was about to get a second one before I stopped him. Coz I was just scared if he gets too bloated from drinking and not being able to finish his meal. 

Ice Sweet Tea ($5.5). Indonesian sweet plain black tea, as simple as that lol.

Beer Bintang ($8). Not my favourite but Stef wants to have some Indonesian beer. 

Martabak ($12.5) - Indonesian crispy pancake stuffed with minced chicken, egg, onion and leek. 
Served with chilli sauce. Crispy and tasty but I must say it is a bit different with martabak that I usually get in Indonesia. Nonetheless, we both still liked this. 

Rendang Bali ($18.50) -  Braised tender beef in coconut milk infused with traditional Indonesian spices and served with eggplant and potatoes. I am not sure why they call it rendang Bali, as for me it tasted like normal rendang. I like the crispy potato wedges in it although the curry tasted good, it was a bit watery. The portion is on the smaller side. 

Jasmine Rice, regular size ($4.5). A bit pricey for a bowl of rice.

 Mie Goreng ($15) - Indonesian hawkers style of wok-fried egg noodles in traditional Javanese spices, cooked with a combination of diced chicken, prawns & assorted vegetables. Served with sliced omelette on top and a giant prawn cracker on the side, I quite enjoyed this dish but it's just not that awesome.

Last one! Apple Creme Brรปlรฉe ($12.50) - Vanilla-infused creme brรปlรฉe filled with diced caramelised green apple, served with rose ice cream. I loved the ice cream and Stef loves this dessert. 

Overall, I would give 7 for Teras Bali. The food was okay and the service was great. Will I come back? Err I am not sure because to be quite frankly, there are heaps of Indonesian Restaurants in Sydney that I like more. 

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After dinner, we walked along Circular Quay and The Rocks. Here are some of the photos that I took at that night. Hope you guys enjoy my blog.