Top 5 Lush Favourites :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hey beautiful girls!!

I've been busy lately with a job transition in which I was a bit stressed out, trying to adjust to the new culture and the super abundant work load that I wasn't used to it! My previous job was so much more relaxing.

Although it's been really stressful in the beginning, I finally get the hang of it! Thank God!
I also learned a lot from my current position so putting my complaints aside, I am grateful for my job!

Having said that, my skin was really awful in the past few weeks due to stress. It looked a bit dull and grey! I quickly had to find new remedies to get my glow back!

And thank God for Lush! I can't stress it enough how much I love them! Their staff are amazingly helpful and super nice. They always know what to recommend to me a product for whatever skin conditions I may have! It is also super affordable considering its quality and how fresh and organic their products are! No wonder their stores are always jam packed!

Today I want to share with you guys my current top 5 Lush products!

A little bit of background about my skin, I have a combination skin, dry around the nose and cheeks, oily around the T zone. My skin is also a bit sensitive with eczema. I have problems with blackheads around my nose and my pores are a bit large!

1. Let the good times roll cleanser - $17.50

This is DA BEST cleanser I ever tried so far! First off, I LOVE the smell!! Oh gosh... It smells like banana pancakes topped with caramel popcorn! I use it everyday, once at night, to exfoliate my skin.  The grit in it is gentle enough to exfoliate your skin without drying it out. It leaves my skin feeling superb clean, soft and smooth; perfect for my combination and sensitive skin! I always look forward to cleaning my face with this since I got it. It has replaced my Cetaphil cleanser for sure!

2. Enzymion - $34.95

I don't really like applying thick creams on my face including sunscreen, however we all know how important it is to have an adequate sun protection everyday! So I was really happy to find a good sunscreen that is not heavy on my skin, it's my biore gel sunscreen. The only drawback is, it is drying my skin out as it is alcohol based. It's only natural I went on a hunt to find a good moisturiser that will keep my skin moist without feeling greasy.
Enzymion fits the bill perfectly! It is very light and smells citrusy. The cream sinks in very quickly on your skin without leaving you with that heavy feeling. I've been using it religiously since I got it, I can layer my sunscreen on top of it during the day and after my serum at night.
If you love wearing make-up, you can also layer it underneath and trust me you won't feel greasy at all.

3. Ro's Argan body conditioner  - $32.95

I got this as a gift and at first I was using it as a lotion! Silly me, I didn't read the instructions carefully. You are supposed to use it as how you use conditioner for your hair but on your body! There are two ways of using it, you leave it on for a few minutes after your regular body wash and rinse it off or you can slather it on your damp body and leave it on, depending on your preference! I prefer the second one so that my skin can absorb all the benefits from it. This will leave your skin extra smooth and smells heavenly! My boyfriend loves this smell on me so much!

4. Catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask - $13.95

I went to the shop asking for recommendations for my large pores and the lady suggested me this blueberry mask! I don't know how effective this mask for my problem skin, but I love how soothing and cooling this mask is. It has no overpowering smell, the colour is slightly blue and best kept in the fridge! The only downside is how short its shelf life is :(

5. The olive branch shower gel - $ 7.95

I also got this in a gift box and I love how it smells, you can use it on your hair and body! I only use it on my body though! I am not great at describing scents, it has that woody scent that is very sweet. It also leaves your skin soft and supple after you shower.

I hope you enjoyed my post and see you on my next one :D

OOTD - Two Piece Grey set and a bag from Dresslink :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hey Guys, today I just wanted do a quick post of my outfit of the day. All of these pieces are from Dresslink.

Here I am just wearing a two-piece grey set with a nude Channel-esque bag.

I got this set for just $7.37 including the shipping which I think really great considering its quality.

It comes with a small bandeau top with a racer back style and a criss-cross detailing.  The pencil skirt also has the same criss-cross at the front.

I got it in a size Medium which I should probably sized down because the skirt is a bit loose on me! So, if you are interested in getting one, get one or two size down :)

I love the fabric and how it fits me. It is made of stretchy soft cotton, very breathable, just what I need for summer!

The dress that I got is not see-through, but the material is rather thin so I personally wouldn't get this on white! As you know how these websites usually don't have the best fabric when it comes to white items.

Now, let's talk about the bag! I don't even know where to begin!


I got it for $11.40 including shipping.

First off, the cons! The pink colour shown on the website is different than the one I received!

See what I mean?? 

But whatever... I actually also liked the nude colour that I got. 

The quality is amazing for its price. No complaint! :) 

So... That's it for today, I hope you liked it and have an amazing weekend!

Halloween night! School girl costume!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This morning my boyfriend randomly picked a disposable film camera from the shop and he wanted to take some vintage pictures with it. So he decided to go to the city tonight to take some cool pictures. 

Since it is halloween, we wanted to dress up a bit but because it is last minutes, we kinda just make-do with what we have at home. 

I decided to go with a school-girl costume because I feel it is very easy to pull-off. 

 I have a red tartan skirt that I can pair it up with a white tee. I also accessorised it with a pair of high-socks, a bag-pack, nerdy glasses and coloured ribbons for my braided hair. 

For the face, it was fairly simple, I just use an eye-liner, a blush and a lip crayon lol.... I know, I am a low-maintenance in terms of make-up!

Here are some photos from the event!

The beer was just a prop lol...

As for my boyfriend, he wears his camo shirt with a vintage leather jacket that he scored from a garage sale. He accessorised it with a gas mask that he has... 
The theme was a post-apocalyptic like in a fallout game. haha...

Here are some pictures that we took earlier from Darling Harbour :) 

I hope you liked this post...

I will see you again soon :) 

Collective Haul from Ally, Glassons, Forever New, Boohoo and Dresslink

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hey guys! So I've done a bit of shopping lately and I want to show you what I've gotten this time :) I will try to link everything I got below to their websites.

Most of these clothing are from Australian based store. 

The first shop I went to is Ally! I got two skirts and one basic top that I plan to wear for work. The first one is this grey midi skirt for $19.99. I love how stretchy the material is without being sheer at all. The length is perfect, it falls just below my knees. 

I also got a blue skirt with China print for $25.99 that is super adorable! This skirt actually comes with the matching top but I didn't really like it when I tried it on, it was a bit too much pattern for my liking. The skirt has a small slit at the back to make it easier for you to walk. The material is also a bit stretchy but not as much as the grey one. 

The last thing I got from Ally was this basic grey top that comes with an in-built bra for just 9.99! This top actually reminds me of Kookai basics without its price tag. Overall, I think it is very versatile, you can wear it on many occasions. A must have!

I just got a cute stripey top for $14.99. It's a cropped halter neck with low back. It comes in so many colours, perfect for summer!  

I got a denim jegging that was on sale for $39.95. On its label, it said 'EUROPEAN DENIM' and gosh it is so comfy! I love how stretchy and smooth the fabric is!

I got a cardigan from Boohoo a few weeks ago here in stone colour but I don't really like it. So I actually got another one in mustard for $24 and I love it!

The last shop I went to was Dresslink and I got another elephant two-piece set in white this time! In my last post, I showed you the set in black. The white one is exactly the same but I sized down this time, I bought the Medium one instead and I like how it fits me better. 

So that's it guys, I hope you enjoyed my haul and have a good weekend!

Brunch at COWBELL 808, Surry Hills

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Last Saturday I had the chance to visit Cowbell 808 in Surry Hills with my friend, +Ashley Lu 

It is 10 minutes walk from Central Station and a few hundred metres away from the famous Bourke Street Bakery. 

The Atmosphere

It was really quiet considering how busy other places are on the weekend, which I LIKE! :) 

The service was excellent, we quickly got seated and attended to. 

The menu

I honestly like the menu. It has a wide variety of selections that you can choose from. I like the all-day breakfast menu, so I don't have to wake up early to grab brunch. 

Drink menu...

They also have a $12 special menu on the board next to the kitchen.

The Food

Ashley ordered The Vegetarian baked eggs (spinach, eggplant, braised tomato, eggs, eggplant and chickpeas served with flat bread). I had a bite and it was really good, I could definitely taste the tomatoes in it. Not a big fan of the eggplant though!

Vegetarian baked eggs ($18)

I was actually torn between the pancakes or the corn fritters. I was a bit worried about the bacon vanilla ice cream that would come with the pancake, so I decided to try that next time.

I got one of their special, corn-fritters with bacon and poached egg on a bed of rocket and parmesan. I honestly didn't realize there were parmesan in it until I saw it on the menu lol... Where should I begin? The corn-fritters is so crispy and delicious. I have not much to say about the bacon and egg, but when you put all of them together in your mouth, oh damn! It was so delicious.
I love the sweet chili sauce which adds flavour to the dish.

Corn fritters with bacon and poached egg ($12)

As for the drinks, I got an orange juice and Ashley ordered an immunity juice. 

Immunity juice is made of orange, apple, carrot and ginger and in my opinion the ginger was strong. Nevertheless, both juices were very sweet and fresh.

Orange juice ($6) and Immunity juice ($6)

And that is happy Ashley, loving her meal :) We will probably come back in another time to try the other stuff!

I would definetly give 'Cowbell 808' an 8 out of 10 :)

Cowbell 808 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Collective Spring Haul Part 2 - Aliexpress, Myer, Boohoo

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey all,

I am here again with another haul.. This is the second part of my collective spring haul. You can see the first part here.

I recently got a few things from Aliexpress.

The first one is this elephant two-piece set in blue for U$6.48 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I got it in a size Large and it fits me perfectly. The top is a cropped halter neck with tassels detailing at the bottom. It also comes with a long strap to tight around your back. The short has elephant print on it that I think so ADORBS! I am not 100% sure about the materials, it said 'cotton blend' on the website. Nevertheless, it is not see through at all and quite well made. I get many compliments from wearing it!

The next item I got is a Triangl dupe swimwear for U$14.48.

I am really happy with the seller's handling of the bikini. The bikini is wrapped nicely inside a plastic bag so it doesn't crumple during the shipping!

I got the top in Medium and the bottom in Large. They fit nicely on me. I am glad I got a bigger size with the bottom since I have quite wide hips and I don't want my bottom to create some kind of love handles when I wear them.

The bra also comes with good padding so it will enhance your bust :D Make it POP! 
I feel like those pattern looks like cats eyes with mascara! HA HA

The material is very much like wet-suite material. It feels very high quality :p
A great bargain for a good piece of swimwear considering the original Triangl piece would set me back around $97!  LOL #Winning

I also picked one white knit for U$7.18. I didn't realise how cropped this vest is because the picture shown on the website looks a bit longer, but that's the thing when shopping online - you have to read the descriptions and sizing... 

But overall it is a cute top, it has a deep V neck cut. The fabric is quite thick so it can be worn in winter and layer it up or it can be paired with jeans for summer. 

It has a small V cut on the side at the bottom.

The last item I got from Aliexpress is this white dress for U$5.58 and it is my least favorite item of the haul. The picture and the actual dress looks totally different, the shipping took 3 LONG MONTHS and when I finally got it, it was very disappointing. It was so wrinkly and doesn't look like the picture shown on the website.

And this is what I got........ 

*Please excuse my crinkly dress, couldn't be bothered to iron this one T.T*

As spring is finally here, I want to get a thin cardigan to layer up with when the weather gets cold. So I picked up a grey cardigan from Myer for AUD$30. They only had size 8 and 12 left and I decided to get the bigger one as I want my cardigan to be a bit baggy and I am glad I did! I have broad shoulders and some cardigans don't look good on me but Thank God this cardigan fits me perfectly. I love how soft this cardigan is. I think this would be a great piece in my wardrobe and since the colour is neutral, it would be easy to be paired around with other outfits in my closet.

I also got a batwing cardigan from Boohoo in stone colour for AUD $24 in size S/M. I am not sure about the 'stone' colour, I don't think it suits my complexion >.<

I love how it fits though, it is a bit loose and very flowy. You can just throw this to any outfit and it would look good :) The 3/4 sleeve makes it perfect for summer, also the fabric itself is very thin but will keep you warm enough for those windy summer nights!

I might exchange this with another colour. I am just not feeling this colour.

Thanks for reading my post and I will see you next time :)