The story of my life

Thursday, November 20, 2014

GAAAH I don't even know how to begin...

Background story:
I am currently doing my postgrad degree at one of Australia's top universities, or so they call it.
I am in my last semester.
I was so excited to finish my study until I saw my grades for MKTG6013 last week.
My lecture just failed three of my assignments (two group assignments and one individual one), which made me failed the whole unit.
Me and my group have been accused of plagiarism with no evidences whatsoever....

Now I feel like everything is crumbling down :(
I am sick of studying.. Working in retail... and living in Sydney in general..
I miss my mom, my hometown, the convenience of living in Indonesia and so on..

I know how bad I sound right now. You may think that I should be grateful because I get the privileged to live and study in Sydney, I have a great relationship and bla bla...

Truth is, it is unbelievably hard to be grateful and to see the beauty of my situation especially when you are faced with giant obstacles and you feel like there is no other way out.
They say easier said than done!

I am so don't want to fail this subject. Because it means, having to study one extra subject next year and having to pay $4,600 for it. I am so over it...

But, having said that, I will not stop fighting until I have exhausted all of my options.
I am not going to sit down and just wait for the final verdict. 

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that God will help me and everything will be all right...

Now I have to go back to study for my exam..

Till next time girls :)