CHUR Burger - Overrated

Monday, November 3, 2014

I was so curious about CHUR Burger since it got a lot of good reviews on Urbanspoon. To my disappointment, the whole experience was not that great.

First, let's talk about the restaurant setting. It was very cramped and uncomfortable seating. Further, it seemed busier than it should have been due to lack of space and poor design. On each table you will find a paper roll, mustard, ketchup, bunch of printed menus and various chilli sauces.

Menu wise, I am quite happy with it. It is presented in a recycled paper. You need to place the order and pay at the counter before sitting down.

As for the food. We got beef burger, lamb burger ($10 each) and the sweet potato fries ($5). The burger is mediocre, bun was a bit stale. But I must say, I liked the lamb burger better, it was juicier. The sweet potato fries was soggy and tasted like wet potatoes with lots of salt.

Grilled lamb, mint sauce, feta, red onion, aioli ($10)

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle ($10)

Sweet potato fries, garlic, lime ($5)

In conclusion, I would give 5/10.  Don't believe the hype guys... ;)

Chur Burger on Urbanspoon