One fine Friday

Friday, June 13, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling awesome! LOL
So, I decided to share with you my story.

I had a medical check up this morning for my visa purposes in the city.

It took me two hours to complete the whole process.

I also went shopping with my brother. He loves shopping with me because I can give him a good advice. I mean he is not very good at picking stuff for himself. In a simple form of saying, he has a bad taste in fashion and with my slight addiction of shopping, I am more than happy to be his personal shopper (for free!).
As for me, I didn't have a plan to go shopping today since I am so broke due to an excessive shopping that I've done lately. Check this out!

But Damn!! SALE everywhere. OMG seriously, how am I gonna resist them? T.T

This one is from Hype ($99). I really love it since the heels are not too high.

This jacket is from Forever New ($143). I love how it fits me nicely. It makes me look skinnier LOL. And that is always a plus!

And sigh :/ since I didn't have a good willpower, I ended up getting two items today. One baggy sweater from paper scissors as it was on sale and a flannel shirt ($39.90) from a new shop called UNIQLO. I love love the shirt, so comfy and I couldn't resist it. Here is the link 

I ended my day in the city with this curly fries ($3.90) from Hot Star. Nom Nom... I had it with ranch sauce, but I think it was too salty for my liking. I should get it plain next time.

In case you are wondering, Hot Star is a new take-away franchise from Taiwan. They sell all sorts of deep-fried food such as deep fried chicken breast, deep fried mushroom, deep fried sweet potato and so on. I haven't tried their famous chicken but from what I've heard, they are pretty good and comes in a decent size too.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon