My birthday wish list...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hi all... My birthday is coming up in July and I decided to come up with my first online wish list ever.
But, NO, I absolutely don't expect from anyone to buy any of this for me, it's more of what I'd like to purchase myself this year. Well, the thing with me is I love spoiling myself. I'd like to think that I have been good this year as a student, worker, daughter or a lover; and I deserve a little reward ;p

1. Michael Kors bag and wallet 
I always love a big tote to carry all my stuff. And I love this pink tote from Michael Kors.

2. Forever New Jacket 
You can see me wearing this jacket here. I love how this jacket fits me.

I went to the store and tried them the other day, you can see the picture here
The thing with me is I love wearing heels, but I don't have the ability to walk on it for a long period of time. So I always prefer a shorter heels. And this Shubar heel is just perfect. So comfortable and its chunky heel is a plus! 

4. Nice Thai Massage 
Who doesn't like a massage anyway? 

I've been reading lots of good review about this serum on MakeupAlley. But, My LORD!! This stuff is expensive. I am still contemplating whether I should purchase it this year or maybe later when I am rich. 

I always love their classic necklace. 

And that's about it! :p

How about you guys? what is your birthday wish list this year?