The night before the exam

Sunday, April 13, 2014

OH GOD! It's the night before a big test and I haven't even cracked open a textbook or lecture notes.  I am supposed to be studying right now but I have been on my computer doing this

and this

and this

and this

aaaaaand this

for the last.. let me check... 6 hours! FML indeed. 

I am a master procrastinator. Procrastination is a problem, and there are ways to overcome it and get more organised. 

Having said that, I know more than anybody that when you're 12 hours away from an exam you haven't studied for, your first though isn't "Gee, I should look at my life choices and study habits and perhaps make some major structural changes!" but rather 'OH SHIT, I'M GONNA FAIL, I NEED TO STUDY NOW, SO STRESSED, I NEED CHOCOLATE!!" 

But then again, it seems like my brain function better at night. Plus, a study showed that studying at night is the best way to study. Because what you subconsciously take in at night, will be taken over by your subconscious so that it is more firmly rooted in your brain. I like that theory! :D
As for now, I will just have to wait until dinner time and start studying LOL. 

Lastly, I certainly wish the best of luck to all students who are having exam tomorrow.. :P