Wet n Wild Sydney Review - January 13 Visit

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello all.. I'd like to do a review of my recent visit to Wet n Wild on the 3rd of January.

We got there around 9 am, and there were lots of people lining up in front of the gate..

There were two lines. First, you need to line up to get your tickets. They will give you wrist-band. Season pass holders will be issued a silicon wrist band while single day admission ticketed guests will receive a temporary wrist band.

We only bought a single day admission ticketed.
We also paid for our parking ticket here, $8 for a whole day.

Remember to keep the receipt in a safe place as you need to hand it in on your way out. You can also pay the parking on exit, but they will charge you $10 for that.

Once we got our wrist band, we lined up on the other queue to enter the arena. While we were waiting, my friend, Sopheap braided my hair.

At around 9.30 the park was opened. First thing we did, we hired a locker to put our bags.
$10 for small locker and $12 for the big one. There were 4 of us, so we opted for 2 big lockers.

Keep this in mind though, they have lots of different lockers inside. The closest one to the main entrance is the yellow lockers. We choose the one inside as we don't want to walk all the way to the front gate to get our stuff.

We quickly got changed and take few selfies before playing ;p

Off we went to the first tower close to the green lockers. It had all the slides for two person rides. We only ride 4 out of 5 slides there because we got really hungry and didn't bother to line up for the last slide. The highlight was the tropical cyclone and half pipe.

Before we went for lunch, we decided to go for Skycoaster first. Basically, you will be strapped into a harness and raised 75 metres into the air. You will then experience free fall drop as you plummet face first towards the ground at speeds of up to 60 kms per hour and then sent soaring back and forth. 
This will incur extra surcharge, $30 for a single rider, $25 for two riders and $20 for three riders.

Chyna didn't want to go for it. So, me, Sopheap and Sumnima went to their kiosk and put our name on the list and paid $20 each. We had to wait around 15 minutes before they prepared us to fly.
I was still feeling okay at that time. We took few selfies while waiting.

I started to get really nervous and freaking out once I got into the small stage in the middle of the arena!! WHOOPS

The thing with Skycoaster is that you have to pull the rip cord by yourself when you up there. The guy can't do it for you. And if you are too scared to pull it once you up there, it means no go. They will lower you down manually and you don't get to fly. Nor do you get the refund. 

The guy asked us at the ground, who is going to pull the cord. My friend Sumnima, she was just so brave and she did it. 

When we were up there hanging, you would hear the instruction and countdown 1 2 3. It means you are ready to fly and the person responsible for the cord has to pull it out so that we can fly. 
I was so scared that I decided to just close my eyes and hold to my friend's arm very tightly. Somehow, Sumnima pulled out the cord and we flied! haha… 
I think the most daunting moment is when you were hanging up there about to fall. The first drop was the scariest for sure! 

Below is the short clip video that Chyna took during our moment flying up there. 

After that, we had lunch and jumped to the wave pool for a while before continuing the adventure. 

Next, we went to play in a single-ride slides. There were two kinds of them. I forgot the first one but the second one is 360 rush and it was definitely scary! LOL

It is basically a slide that will send you down a 12 meter near vertical drop. 
Me and my two little friends tried it without Chyna because she didn't want to try 360 rush. The main requirement for this is you have to be at least 45 kg. Sumnima and Sopheap were really close, their weights are just 45.1 and 46 LOL

We quickly went up. Sumnima was brave enough to do it first time. OMG! 
I got a cold feet up there but when I saw Sopheap inside the capsule about to drop, I quickly embraced it and went inside. 
Inside, you hear the countdown. I was so scared that I hold my arms tightly, crossed my legs, closed my eyes, and prayed to God giving me a safe journey LOL
Holly Molly, it was good hahaha but scary as hell!
This was another highlight of wet n wild. 

Lastly, we went to the tower that caters for four-riders. The line was even longer here. There were 3 slides and we chose the green one (called Bombora). We literally had no more energy to queue for the other two. Really fun and enjoyable rides with few twists :) 

After that, we quickly got back to green lockers. Got our stuff and changed clothes. 
We didn't have a chance to explore the last tower as we were already exhausted. But, I personally didn't  regret it as the last tower was kind of boring anyway.
We spent almost 8 hours in the park and it was a really enjoyable day for all of us. 

See you next time Wet n Wild! :)