Skrillex a Shorething 2013 on NYE at Bondi Beach - Happy New Year Y'all!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First and foremost, I want to wish you all beautiful people a Happy New Year! May you all be blessed with beautiful years ahead.

I am so excited for 2014, I have a new resolution and lots of plan this year :)

Originally I was going to go to Harbour Party at Luna Park to see Havana Brown, she is one of my favourite DJ. BUT, I couldn't get hold of the ticket. I was going to purchase the ticket from the guy on Gumtree. Somehow, he couldn't deliver the tickets on time. It was lost in delivery.

So since I didn't have any plan for NYE party, my friend suggested to go to Bondi to watch Skrillex. I was hesitant at first as I had a little knowledge about Skrillex. But the fact that I didn't want to spend NYE at home watching fireworks while eating popcorn made me go ahead with her plan and book the ticket for Shorething.

And let me tell you it was EPIC. I loved it to bits and I had no regrets or whatsoever for not going to Harbour Party.

For those who also clueless about Skrillex, let me enlighten you.

Skrillex is a dubstep master. He has become an international phenomenon with his signature combination of original dub step, electro and glitch. He has become a real game-changing artist, his dedication to the craft is second to none, his re-inventing and re-imagining of electronic music has won him a total of six Grammy Awards and was named MTV's 2011 Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year. He has remixed big names from Lady Gaga to Snoop Dog.

Now, I want to do a review for Shorething 2013 at Bondi beach on NYE…

We went to Bondi around 7.45 and we arrived at the venue at 8pm. The line was okay as the process of ID checking very quick and smooth. We got inside after 10 minutes or so.

The music was already pumping on the stage. We quickly decided to grab few drinks before entering the main event. The drinks are quite pricey. They have this Smirnoff mixed with Pineapple juice and Smirnoff with Redbull for $13, a bottle of water for $5 and can of soft drink for $7. But they also have tap water on the arena.

After I had two mixed drinks, I went inside the main arena and started dancing. LOL We got nice spot, close to the stage which we were happy about.

Beware though, don't drink too much or otherwise you will need to go pee quite often. And let me tell you, it is hard to get in and out the main arena without squeezing, pushing and ass-grabbing! It's just so annoying. AND once you get out, it is hard to get back in to the same spot.

Also, don't forget to have water handy since you will need to rehydrate yourself with water after dancing your sweat off.

Almost around midnight, the arena was jam packed with 15,000 people. You could barely move as people were all around you, sweating, dancing, yelling, you name it.
I was holding my pee but I didn't want to miss Skrillex performance and the fireworks.

Once the clock hit 12.00, the fireworks started and there Skrillex on his spaceship on the stage. Oh my gosh, it was awesome. haha…

He was playing his hits for almost 2 hours.

The event finished at around 2 am.

They provided free shuttle bus to the Bondi Junction.

We then took train back to the city.

All and all, it was an awesome night. Probably one of the best NYE party I ever attended. I might come back here again next year :)

Once again, happy new year y'all :)