H&M is finally here in Sydney, at Macquarie Centre!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

I recently visited Macquarie Centre with my friend, Chyna,  just to see the new H&M store that just opened last month.

Here are some pictures from my visit.

The Entrance

Men Section at the top floor 

Women Section

Office-wear Section at the lower floor

I ended up spending almost 2 hours in H&M and got few items...
(PS: I have linked some of the items below so you can check it out)

Tube top  :  $5
High rise skinny jean  :  $10

Smart short : $14.95

 Chino Short  :  $10

And that's it for today.. Till next time :) 

The story of my life

Thursday, November 20, 2014

GAAAH I don't even know how to begin...

Background story:
I am currently doing my postgrad degree at one of Australia's top universities, or so they call it.
I am in my last semester.
I was so excited to finish my study until I saw my grades for MKTG6013 last week.
My lecture just failed three of my assignments (two group assignments and one individual one), which made me failed the whole unit.
Me and my group have been accused of plagiarism with no evidences whatsoever....

Now I feel like everything is crumbling down :(
I am sick of studying.. Working in retail... and living in Sydney in general..
I miss my mom, my hometown, the convenience of living in Indonesia and so on..

I know how bad I sound right now. You may think that I should be grateful because I get the privileged to live and study in Sydney, I have a great relationship and bla bla...

Truth is, it is unbelievably hard to be grateful and to see the beauty of my situation especially when you are faced with giant obstacles and you feel like there is no other way out.
They say easier said than done!

I am so don't want to fail this subject. Because it means, having to study one extra subject next year and having to pay $4,600 for it. I am so over it...

But, having said that, I will not stop fighting until I have exhausted all of my options.
I am not going to sit down and just wait for the final verdict. 

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that God will help me and everything will be all right...

Now I have to go back to study for my exam..

Till next time girls :)

CHUR Burger - Overrated

Monday, November 3, 2014

I was so curious about CHUR Burger since it got a lot of good reviews on Urbanspoon. To my disappointment, the whole experience was not that great.

First, let's talk about the restaurant setting. It was very cramped and uncomfortable seating. Further, it seemed busier than it should have been due to lack of space and poor design. On each table you will find a paper roll, mustard, ketchup, bunch of printed menus and various chilli sauces.

Menu wise, I am quite happy with it. It is presented in a recycled paper. You need to place the order and pay at the counter before sitting down.

As for the food. We got beef burger, lamb burger ($10 each) and the sweet potato fries ($5). The burger is mediocre, bun was a bit stale. But I must say, I liked the lamb burger better, it was juicier. The sweet potato fries was soggy and tasted like wet potatoes with lots of salt.

Grilled lamb, mint sauce, feta, red onion, aioli ($10)

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle ($10)

Sweet potato fries, garlic, lime ($5)

In conclusion, I would give 5/10.  Don't believe the hype guys... ;)

Chur Burger on Urbanspoon

Sunday brunch at Brewtown - Newtown

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I was curious about this new place called Brewtown and today I had the chance to visit them. 

Me and my friend got there around 11.15 and gosh so many people were already waiting outside. 

We quickly put down our name. The host was very friendly, he said it would take approximately 30 minutes and we agreed. 

Lo and behold we didn't get the seat until 12pm... 

BUT.... It was all worth it. 
The wait staff were really friendly and efficient. We quickly got seated and asked if we want to order drinks first. We ordered a mocha and a hot chocolate. 

This is what the menu looks like.. 
As you can see the menu is very well priced, it's inexpensive. 

Oh wait have I told you they serve breakfast and lunch all day? :D

We both ordered Elvis Burger (ground beef, savoury bewnut, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chops and relish).

We didn't wait for too long for the food. 

And MY OH MY, this brewnut burger is relly good. The savoury brewnut is so delicious without being too oily. The Canadian bacon is also very nice. It goes together with the melted cheese.  
One thing though, I don't really enjoy the relish. But apart from that it is so YUM :) 

And just before we left, I decided to try their glazed cronut ($4.5). 
YUM! It taste like original glazed doughnut from krispy kreme but with the flakiness of a croissant :) 
super tasty! 

PS:  I forgot to mention they call it BREWNUTS instead of CRONUTS. But it essentially the same :p
They have all sort of flavours: cinnamon, jam, glazed, choc crumble and passionfruit. 

All in all I am really happy with my visit to Brewtown. It was 9 out of 10 for me. I will definitely come back for more.

Brewtown Newtown on Urbanspoon 

Summer HAULS and REVIEWS: Sammydress, Sheinside, Banggood

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I know some of you that are a bit reluctant to purchase clothes from online whole-seller website. Mainly because you don't know what you are getting, the sizing is a little bit weird, the quality is a hit and miss.

So, here I am giving you my honest opinions about some of them. 

I will show you the picture they shown on their website and the pictures of the actual products I received. 


Sammydress sell heaps of inexpensive items from China. Shipping is not free, it will be calculated during the checkout according to how many items you get and the weight of each item. But, don't stress! The shipping cost is quite low because of China airmail. 
I got 3 swimsuits, 1 sling bag and 1 belt. 
The shipping was not too bad, It took roughly around 3 weeks to get here (Sydney). 
And surprisingly, the quality of the items I received are really good especially with the price I paid. Just be careful with the sizing, runs a little small sometimes. It is always recommended to size up. 
And as you can see from the pictures below, the photo shown on their website and the actual product is exactly the same. Overall I am really happy with my purchase. 

This swimsuit is really sexy but it is a bit difficult to wear. I had to size up for this, I ordered size L and it fits me like a glove.  

Floral kimono for $12.67

I must say this is my favourite. The quality of this bag is impeccable. It is tiny but I don't mind that. 

Slim belt for $2.86

I am a bit disappointed with this one because of poor packaging this belt got squashed and lose its shape. 


Sheinside is another online shop that sell affordable clothing items from China. You can get free shipping when you spend $30 or more. The shipping usually take between 3-4 weeks. I got mine after 3 weeks. 

White sleeveless floral crochet vest for $9.99

Blue Criss Cross Backless Denim Dress for $16.17

Pink Short Sleeve Florals Print Tassel Hem Kimonos for $17.59
I got this during pre-sale. I must admit I love this kimono so much, the colour, the pattern and the material. It screams spring :) 


Banggood offer free international shipping. I only got 1 item from BangGood. I actually wasn't planning to get anything but then I saw this really cute knit sweater with peter-pan neck. The quality is good and it looks exactly like the picture shown. 

So, that's my shopping experience. Hopefully it helps you guys to decide :)
My advices: always check their measurement and read product descriptions.

See you later girls!


My birthday wish list...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hi all... My birthday is coming up in July and I decided to come up with my first online wish list ever.
But, NO, I absolutely don't expect from anyone to buy any of this for me, it's more of what I'd like to purchase myself this year. Well, the thing with me is I love spoiling myself. I'd like to think that I have been good this year as a student, worker, daughter or a lover; and I deserve a little reward ;p

1. Michael Kors bag and wallet 
I always love a big tote to carry all my stuff. And I love this pink tote from Michael Kors.

2. Forever New Jacket 
You can see me wearing this jacket here. I love how this jacket fits me.

I went to the store and tried them the other day, you can see the picture here
The thing with me is I love wearing heels, but I don't have the ability to walk on it for a long period of time. So I always prefer a shorter heels. And this Shubar heel is just perfect. So comfortable and its chunky heel is a plus! 

4. Nice Thai Massage 
Who doesn't like a massage anyway? 

I've been reading lots of good review about this serum on MakeupAlley. But, My LORD!! This stuff is expensive. I am still contemplating whether I should purchase it this year or maybe later when I am rich. 

I always love their classic necklace. 

And that's about it! :p

How about you guys? what is your birthday wish list this year?