Don't sweat the little things

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013! What can I say. It's been a challenging year for me, especially for the last few months. It has not been an easy one. There were so many unexpected-unfortunate event happened recently, one bad thing after another. It was just non-stop.

My ex-landlord asked everyone in the house to move out last November,  only a week before the due date of my major assignment and my final exam. While most of my friends were busy studying, I was busy searching for a new place for me to live. If that's not bad enough, I also had to start packing all my stuff. Thank goodness when I finally found a place to live temporarily until January in the city. However I could not take all my stuff with me because I had a LOT of stuff. So then I searched for a temporary storage.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I just collected few boxes from the storage when I got a parking ticket.

My friend was helping me with the moving things, he parked the car outside my apartment building, on the loading zone. We quickly grabbed my stuff and put it upstairs. When we went back, we found a ranger issuing parking fine ticket!! Like WTH? we were unloading stuff from the car, and we just went for 5 minutes or so, and he charged us $169 ticket. We were trying to convince him to let us get away with it but he wouldn't budge. Sigh.

Let me tell you, that little incident in the afternoon almost ruining my whole day. I started to get upset  about everything. I started to think every negative situation happened to me recently. Somehow, I felt sorry for myself and I got really frustrated and started crying.

But, I learned a lot from today. It helped me realise few things (special thanks to my lovely friend).

First, do not sweat small stuff. More importantly, don't let them ruining your day. Especially, when you can't do anything to alter or change it.
Getting parking ticket can be considered as 'minor-issue', and we all know shit happens in life. I really shouldn't be so worked-up about this small small thing that doesn't really matter.

Secondly, when things don't go according to my plan, I tend to be grumpy. Why? Because, as a Christian believer myself, I am totally aware that God is in control of everything. He has the power to keep me away from the troubles and such. So, I was really disappointed when God giving me these non-stop troubles and plus, he didn't rescue me from such situation. LOL. I mean, think about it,  He has all the power to protect me from anything, to keep me away from troubles. But He didn't!

I was asking "Why? Why does God let bad things happen to us? Why would you let that happened to me?  and Why doesn't God help me in my troubles? Seriously, I mean WHY?"
lol That was very immature of me talking like that.

Anyhow, now since I am calmer, I kinda know the reasons why God let us experience uncomfortable situation. I read Jeremiah 29:11, God really does have a purpose behind our problems. I think it is more to do with teaching us a lesson. Sometimes these hardship are meant to strengthen us. We can be made stronger when we are awed at His deliverance from the impossible. And, after passing each testing, troubles, and remembering how we were delivered in the past, we have faith that He will guide us through the next time.

Whatever reasons It might be, ONE thing for sure. God only has a good plan for you and me. His plan is for our goodness, not to harm us.

We might not understand His way, but maybe one day we will.
As for now, trust Him with all your hearts. And don't let small stuff ruining your day.