GownTown Review

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey friends,
I had my graduation a couple of weeks ago and so now I want to do a review of 'Gowntown'.

GownTown is a one-stop-shop for all your graduation garb needs. They provide gowns, frames and photography services for affordable prices.

I bought the whole set which comes with the gown, the cap and the hood for $99. To rent the whole set from Sydney Uni website will set you back around $150! On top of that, you can only have them for only a few hours! This can be difficult when you plans to have your photos taken after the graduation ceremony.

The shopping process itself is very straight-forward; you choose your university and your degree. They already have a clear idea of what hood colour you'll need but you can always check your universities website if you're unsure.

The sizing is made simple. You pick your gown according to your height. I am 160 cm tall and according to the website I am wearing a size Small, but unfortunately it was a bit too long and baggy for my liking.  GownTown let me exchange the gown for a size smaller with the condition that I cover my own shipping cost which I agreed to and was happy to proceed with.

In terms of quality, I can assure you that the GownTown's one is as good as the official one from Sydney Uni. The material of the gown is thick and feels very well made. The hood itself is sewn nicely, the colour is very vibrant and 100% matches the original and the cap is also well made!

I also decided to get one of the frames that they offer since they give you discount if you order a gown and a frame at the same time. I picked the one with beige colour and it looks like this.

As I was going through their website I also went to their photography section and evaluated their gallery. I was very amazed at those photos that I decided to book a 30 minutes session myself. Here are their photography packages, I only went with their Economy package since I felt that 30 shots would be enough for me.

I must admit this one is more like an impulse buy but, OH BOY, I was glad that I did it.

My photographer of the day was Filip Drazovic, currently still studying at USYD. The night before my graduation, he texted me to confirm about the session and suggested some ideas of where the photos will be taken. He also asked if I had some ideas or what kind of poses I wanted to do on the day. 

He came on time and took lots of great pictures and I am very pleased with the results! I would highly recommended to go with Filip if you want your photos taken at USYD. He is very familiar with the locations and he took amazing shots!

Here are some 'behind the scenes' photos

And here are some of my fave pics of the day

Overall, I am very impressed with Gowntown and I am happy with their products and services. 

Thank you Filip and Gowntown for making my graduation day unforgettable and for this I grant you 9 Jenniepiggies out of 10!!

Australian clothing haul- K-Mart, Forever New, Uniqlo

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey guys, I'm back with another shopping haul! This time I will only show you the items I got from some of the various Australian websites or stores. As per usual, I will link everything that I got below.

Firstly, let's talk about K-Mart... I've never been so excited to go to K-Mart to shop for fashion! I usually only go there for kitchen appliances and cheap tables and what not but I did recently watch quite a lot of Brittney Lee Saunders' K-mart haul videos and it had me intrigued.

I went to K-Mart last weekend and got myself some cute stuff.
My first pick was this Everlast crop top for $12 which I got it in a size 10.
The top is a bit loose on me around the chest and doesn't provide much support but it's very comfortable nonetheless, I can see myself in this piece lounging around the home a lot.

I also picked up a grey crop top with a racer back and cute detailing for just $10. It's very comfy and soft but I don't feel like this top provides enough support. Actually, I wear it a lot around the house already! I don't go to the gym but I love wearing these types of bras in general because how comfortable they are!

I also acquired a Calvin Klein bra singlet, which I love but seem to not be able to find them in-store anymore so I was just so glad when I saw it at K-Mart.

They sell these tops in a packs of two for $12 each. I got one in black and the other in white. It looks and feels exactly like the CK top, but these ones come with adjustable strap!

The last bra I bought from K-Mart was a white, padded singlet with a racer back. This bra provides quality padding without sacrificing the comfort of wearing a singlet! It's heaven-sent!

The second shop I continued my haul adventure in just happened to be one of my favorites; Forever New. They always seem to have a decent selection of cute pieces with great quality to boot!

I did also bought four crop-tops just because they had a sale on at the time. These (below) were $5 apiece, what a bargain! hah... I already had one in pink which I wore on a cruise I went on, I believe I bought it for roughly $20... Unexpectedly, to my delight, I saw that they had a sale on for these tops, I felt I just had to have the other three colours, specifically the red, white and striped one.
I also picked up another white crop top with lace up detailing which I featured on my previous post here.

Next up is this grey waterfall coat in a size 8 which seems to be very popular this time of year, they were sold out on the website within three days after only becoming available to purchase only recently! I had to go to Bondi to get the size 8 which was the only store stocking it at the time and it was the last one! Phew! This 'waterfall' style is very popular right now and I've been seeing a lot of these types of garments in magazines, the media and various stores.

Next up is The Iconic!! It's an online clothing stores based in Australia. They have amazing customer service and they offer express shipping. I placed an order at night around 8:30pm and got an email back at around 11:15pm advising me that they'd just shipped my order! I got the package the following day, around lunch time! I think that's really amazing!

Plus, if you are not sure about your sizing, you can always order two of them and return the one that doesn't fit! And returning the items to The Iconic is easy! The returned shipping costs are covered, you'd just log in to your account where you'll find a function to return the item and voila! They will email you the shipping label and all you have to do is drop them at a post box or at your nearest post office.

I made this order when they had a 25% off all items offer during a 'Vogue' fashion night!

The first thing I picked up wass this cobalt blue dress in a size 8 which I actually wore on my graduation day.
love the material and the fit; it falls just above my knees and is perfect for work functions or something similar.

I also got my hands on this stripey V-Neck dress with some very cute detailing on the back. I got it in a size 8 and I've been wearing it a lot. The material is nice and thick with perfect length, not too short and not too long.

I also picked up this bikini set from Rusty in a size 10 which I plan to wear on my next trip to Bali!
The bikini also comes with a detachable strap and oh, I love the patterns.

All in all I am very pleased with everything I got from The Iconic, their products are of high quality and are very well-priced. I can't stress enough how much I love and appreciate their customer service.

The last shop I want to talk about is Uniqlo. In the past I had some blue denim jeggings from them which lasted me about two years with everyday wear before the threads started to come loose and not only that, the colour had faded. They are very comfy and perfect for everyday wear so when they had that sale last time I just had to pick up a couple of pairs in maroon and black, pictured below. I must say; the maroon is quite muted, it appears more like dark wine red if that makes sense.

Keep in mind, if you want to invest in pants which will last you a long time with normal use, these are not a good option as they get a bit scruffy after going through many washing cycles.

I also bought two turtle neck long sleeves tops when they were on sale for $10 each, one in creme and the other in black. The material is called 'Supima Cotton', it's very nice! It's thin but still very soft , perfect to layer up in winter with.

So, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my post and I will see you on my next one ;p

Online shopping haul - winter

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello!! Okay, I am sorry guys I said on my last post that I will post the rest of my online shopping haul but somehow life gets in the way. Anyway I've been buying more pieces and will show you all :)

First, I got another pair of jeans from Fashion Nova. They are black canopy jeans in a size US 7.
GOSH! These have to be the best, comfiest, stretchiest, softest jeans EVER. I know I've been raving about their jeans in my previous post but they truly live up to the hype; they have the best jeans ever! If you are on a hunt for perfect jeans, give Fashion Nova a shot and I bet you won't regret it! I actually also got my bestie hooked on it.

I also got a bomber-grey and black jacket from Dresslink. The bomber jacket seems to be trendy this season and  I love the sporty vibes on this jacket.

One thing though, the sleeves are kind of itchy. I am very sensitive and  I don't like prickly feelings on my skin. But I plan to wear this on winter anyway so I can just wear long sleeves shirt underneath.

I also picked up two pair of Crocs wedges sandals from Scoopon for $50 each. They're just brown leather open toe wedges, OMG They are the comfiest wedges ever and they're very light also. I love it... No need to break them in as they are already soft and comfy. I am the kind of person who doesn't like wearing heels too much as I am not used to it but I've been wearing these a LOT and that says quite a bit about the shoes.
**Don't mind my feet right now, I am still recovering from the last flea attacks :( **

I got a few things from Aliexpress.

First is this cape / shawl / cardigan with my initial (JG) on it for $45. This is a dupe of Burberry coat that got famous since people saw it on a few celebs.

It is a bit steep in comparison to the average price on Aliexpress but it's well worth it.
It was nicely packaged, wasn't crinkled when it arrived. You know how most Chinese sellers would simply squeeze your clothes into a tiny bag just so that they can save some dosh on shipping costs?

It is a one-size-fits-all and very soft. I am not sure of the differences in quality or the colors in regards to the original since I've never had the chance to review the legitimate item from Burberry.

I am not so sure if the poncho looks flattering on me, however everybody is different and I'd definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

I can see myself pairing said poncho with some black jeans, a cute crop top and some black booties and I'd be good to go.

Next thing I got is this lace up bodysuit in grey in a size Medium. The material is rather thin and it doesn't have detachable clips at the bottom so it's kinda hard when you use the toilet. Also, you need to wear some gel bras with this top. Apart from that I quite like this top. In this picture (below), I styled it with my high-waisted jeans from Fashion Nova and a pair of tan wedges I got from Scoopon.

Lastly I got two pairs of gel pastie bras which I absolutely LOVE!!!

It is such a wonderful thing to keep your 'girls' covered when you want to wear something a lil' risque... ;p
** I wear these pasties underneath this bodysuit and as you can see here my nips are well covered **

You can also get these from your local store or Priceline but they are just more expensive. Like, I got a pair for $2 inc. postage and they're such a good quality. Once it doesn't stick anymore I just chuck them and get the new pairs, or you can actually clean them with just warm soapy water.

So that's it for this haul, next up I will have an Australian haul so stay tuned :)